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Early (Pre.1900) pic of Colonel Francis Octavius Montgomery Commanding Officer
of the North Down Rifles. Taken outside Regent House which was in 1863 Erasmus Smiths School
and later the headquarters of the Northern Ireland Military who had previousely been in Church Street
then Newtownards Academy and then Regent House Grammar School
My old friend Stewart McClean thinks Newtownards Academy was actually on the corner of West Street - Mary Street ,.

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Quality is not good but it is a pic of Smiths Butchers and Fruit and Veg. so a part of history

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Click for bigger and better copy of this 1970s pic. - c1914 the Ulster Hotel stood where the arched gateway is in this pic.

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The Old Court House

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Thanks to Paddy Mulvenna for this atmospheric c1947 pic of his father Pat Mulvenna from 67 William Street and Pats brother Brian wearing the hat outside the Regent Cinema


Town and Country Inn fire in 1977
1977 Fire at the T&C
Pic courtesy of Michael McDowell

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1960s preparation for the 12th. July celebrations ....

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Looking towards Regent Street from where the old market stood and is now the Queens Hall and Library

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Old Market seen from Regent Street looking at the Cattle Market on West Street {White Building}

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1993 and the aftermath of an IRA bomb, gone is the Fox and Hounds Pub
Dr.Wrights Memorial Band

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I'd forgotten about Eleanors .... - Pic added Oct.2013 - Click to enlarge

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