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Last Update - 24 January 2013
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1910 Pic.of  Newtownards Railway Station on Victoria Avenue - Click for much larger image

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Another very early pic...

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Station workers take a break atop the North Street Bridge.

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Looking from the north side across towards Scrabo

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Superb pic taken from the grounds of what we later called "Stewarts"
I seem to recollect it was originally known as "Lynalta .. ?" Mansion,..

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Vernon Moore sent in this pic of no.30 enroute from Comber with left Mr.Douglas the fireman and right Mr.Macnamara the driver
pic added 23rd. January 2013

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Old No.1 ready for its trip to Comber via Newtownards
pic added 24th. January 2013

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The Newtownards service ended on 22nd. April 1950 when the last train from Belfast to Donaghadee passed through the station at 11.30p.m.
Mrs. Crail the wife of the onetime stationmaster Jordan Crail was serenaded by members of the "Wavers Club" a group of enthusiasts who travelled on the last train. She had also received a bouguet of flowers from the Club earlier in the day when they had set off for Belfast to await the final journey, she was waved to as the last train past blowing its horn.

It is said that a Mrs. morrison of Talbot Street would wave to the trains daily so she also received a wave and a toot as the last train passed.

In Belfast prior to the trains departure a member of a Belfast Enthusiast Club waved a banner bearing the words "In memory of the BCDR foully murdered by the UTA on 22nd. April 1950  inf.  BCDR Belfast and County Down Railway   UTA  Ulster Transport Authority. A minature coffin bearing a like inscription was carried to the ticket office then set alight.

Among the staff at that time were, William Taylor the Stationmaster, James Whyte a signalman, William Boal the headporter, Thomas Robinson a porter, William Donaldson a signalman and James Carvill a senior ticket clerk.

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